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Experience Tranquillity and Luxury at Kothli Hills: Your Family Resort in Rishikesh

Kothli Hills is a luxurious family resort perched atop the serene hills of Rishikesh. This haven of tranquillity offers an unparalleled blend of comfort and natural beauty, providing an unforgettable retreat for you and your loved ones.

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A Hilltop Oasis with Breathtaking Views

Nestled on a hilltop, Kothli Hills boasts panoramic views of both the meandering Ganges and the majestic snow-capped Himalayas. The 11 spacious rooms are meticulously designed to provide a perfect blend of modern amenities and rustic charm, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating stay for families of all sizes.

Gastronomic Delights with Mountain Vistas

Indulge your palate at our restaurant, offering delectable items that cater to diverse tastes. The unique experience extends beyond the cuisine, with outdoor seating allowing you to savour your meals against the backdrop of awe-inspiring mountain views. The dining experience at Kothli Hills is not just a meal; it's a feast for the senses.​​​​​ 

Family-friendly Adventures Await

Kothli Hills offers many activities and is one of the best resorts in Rishikesh for family. From the exhilarating sunset trek at Kunjapuri and a leisurely walk to the enchanting Neer Waterfall to the adrenaline-pumping excitement of rafting, there's something for everyone. Engage in stargazing, immerse yourself in the serenity of yoga sessions, enjoy live music, participate in board games, and cap off your evenings with the warmth of a bonfire.

Exclusive Offers for an Unforgettable Stay

Kothli Hills believes in making your experience even more special. Take advantage of our exclusive offers available on the website, providing a generous discount of up to 25% on your stay. We understand the importance of creating lasting memories and our offers are designed to enhance your experience while ensuring exceptional value for your family getaway.

Kothli Hills, arguably the best family resort in Rishikesh, invites you to unwind, reconnect and create cherished moments with your loved ones amidst the unparalleled beauty of Rishikesh. Book your stay now and embark on a journey of luxury, adventure and serenity at our family resort in the heart of the Himalayas.
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