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food laid out on a table at our Restaurant in Rishikesh

Sleeping Elephant

At Sleeping Elephant Cafe in Rishikesh, savour our fusion-inspired menu sourced from local farms and markets. Enjoy aromatic coffees, speciality organic teas, and delectable sandwiches. Each dish is crafted with fresh ingredients, creating a burst of flavour in every bite. Experience our passion for food and the harmonious blend of local flavours. Visit Sleeping Elephant Cafe for a memorable culinary journey.

Lazy Lunch

Dining in the forest has never been so exciting! A tribute to the 360-degree view of the sacred Ganges and the majestic mountains, live grills, and food cooked on Matti ka Chulahs are a prelude. Our experiments with food attempt to return food to its simplest origins of wholesome flavour. We develop a deep understanding of the traditions and customs surrounding food. We offer you food that is made by just two hands and a happy mind. A pleasant, cheerful environment and the fun company of friends make the meals exciting at our restaurant in Rishikesh.

food laid out on a table at the restaurant at kothli hills
dishes kept on a table in th outdoor seating area at our Restaurant in Rishikesh

Slow Cooked Khana Khazana

This is our speciality! The chef takes 18 hours to make - Kothli Saag, Pahari laal Mutton, Kothli Karari Dal, and Masala Dahi Chicken. The food is slow-cooked on coal Chulah. Local spices are used to cook these special local dishes. It is served with millet & ragi roti along with smoke-filled Papad ke Choori made with desi ghee and Smoky Sesames Cumin Salad. The food is served under the sky on handwoven Charpai. The food at Kothli is designed to balance the familiar taste of home with the age-old wisdom of nutritive Indian food. Remember that you are not only consuming the physical food but also the energy of Kothli Hills. We require you to inform us 24 hours in advance of this preparation.

Bush Dinner

Starry skies take center stage in this most natural of settings. Dinner is served to you exquisitely, under the constellation of stars and the cloudy arch of the Milky Way, suggesting a perfect finale to your day. The bounty of the Himalayas and the culinary traditions of its ancient people are interpreted in this culinary exploration. This feast is prepared using the best seasonal produce to celebrate Kothli flavour. An experience intoxicated by the heady mountain air along with the thrill of sighting the barking deer or the white furry rabbit makes this unforgettable.

outdoor dinner at our Restaurant in Rishikesh

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