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Sometimes all you need is a safe and cosy cabin, a good book, and yourself. Let your thoughts go where they want, wander among the trees, and find inspiration where you least expect it or sit by the trees and just listen to the humming of birds. Kothli Hills offers you a place to stay up amidst the mountains. To really log off from your regular routines, Kothli hills is a peaceful rhythm up on the hills . Basked in sunlight, all 5 rooms offer grand views and a promise of peace and tranquillity. Play your favourite games in the empty spaces, fly your kites high in the sky, sit on the hammocks or paint to your imagination in  the sprawling lawns. Visit us to enjoy and appreciate the slow life.


Book The Cottage

Whether it's a birthday, a long weekend, a spiritual occasion or a writing/yoga retreat, get your clan together. Spend a night, two, three or seven. When the day grows old the sun sinks down beneath the mountains radiating its golden energy through every tree twig and every blade of grass. That’s the time to lock the scene in the camera. A three-dimensional view is a treat to only those eyes who are willing to absorb the light. The relaxing vibes of nature don’t have to disappear when you go inside. The accommodation at Kothli hills will make you feel at one with nature, even if you’re seated comfortably in front of the fireplace, sleeping under the stars or lying under a duvet in bed. Many find this more home than home.

You have the choice of booking the entire estate with your group of friends and get your meals designed as per choice and have full access to TV room/ Dining room/lounge/kitchen and the sprawling lawns.

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