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Trek More, Worry Less

Quiet, serene, and utterly beautiful – the unspoilt wilderness of Kothli is the perfect place to disconnect and reconnect with yourself. The landscape is varied, from forests to valleys, small hills to heady mountains. Marked paths will take you on new adventures each day.The routes offer safe paths for long -distance hiking allowing you to take time to reflect. Contemplate the small things, the big questions, the future … or just ponder the mysteries of life along the way. While walking through the beautiful scenery that lies in these quaint villages be sure to get welcomed by the villagers of Kothali, Kooii, & Keriyaki region who will narrate interesting tales of living in wilderness. 


Find Your Conscience

Bright sun rays will fall on your eyes much before the alarm wakes you. Lie there for a few more minutes. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the wind that whispers in your ear and the birds that chirp nearby. That’s Kothli Hills!! Stay in bed by the window a little longer scouting for a furry rabbit, a frisky deer or a tiny moose. The balcony is alive with songbirds we can’t name, and butterflies that surround the hibiscus flowers. You can hand feed the pretty birds with bajra or breadcrumbs. As you gaze upon the mountain deities, you can also sip your favourite hot coffee not missing to observe the Ganga which swirls to make a perfect Aum.


Expand Your Mind & Soul

 Let the nature’s energy travel through your body as you inhale and exhale. Stretch your arms up while lifting your toes as if you are a little short of touching the clouds. Rotate your shoulders while watching the 360-degree view and get marvelled at God’s creation. Yoga allows you to move your attention inwards and get connected with something bigger than yourself.


Find Your Mediative Space

Kothli Hills has been built by the residents of the village. Immerse yourself watching its magnificent beauty. Shiv mandir on the premises is made of local limestone & Pathal. It is filled with that unique vibe conducive to mediation. Its vibrations compel you to sit in still and the energy allows you to focus on mind, emotions and body leaving you peaceful and joyful throughout the day. The moment guests set their foot on the hill, it’s like they take a tiny step away from their daily routines. Discover your own meditative space in Kothli Hills.


Things To Do At Kothli

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